Sparkmind creates Professional Knowledge Communities

Now professionals can take control over their careers

The Challenge

It is difficult for professionals to be updated
in an increasingly unstable global context


Irrelevant content and Google results dependance.


Lack of control over your professional career. People don´t know which is the market direction


Not operative professional communities, docens of it with no activitie or irrelevant content.

Not adapted training

So much offer of courses not fiting my needs.


not updated to the market needs and out of context.

Sudden changes

More and more unstable professional market

Communities as Career Route map

The platform creates a community
Where there are mentors, colleagues, forums, in natural language.

Discovering content

Job Offers

We connect recruiters with suitable candidates for vacancies. Steady job, freelance or temporary jobs will be covered according to the skills required.

Events and courses

Users of the community will be able to find out about networkings, exhibitions, courses, seminars and other important virtual and offline events.

Resources and books

Professionals will find valuable material regarding their careers. The most suitable and updated in the matter.

Smart Connections

Market based features

Professionals can decide the next steps in their career, optimizing their resources and efforts, countering the best results in the shortest time.

We clasify members based on their knowledge level

Our algorithm is able to group users based on several aspects that are valued in the profession: Years of experience, academic degree, certifications, etc.

Putting in context

Content based on roles and experience.

Based on the market job tendencies, most demanded roles, skills, content demand, we can provide individualized analytics that let the member take contron on their careers adquiring new skills.

Personalized content

Custom dashboard with content based on your daily context. The TODAY section allows you to browse and search freely.

As we understand and know you, now we personalize it, because we know strengths and weaknesses. Point of intersection between content and reality. You can also activate certain points of the tool by feeding the algorithm

Target Audience

Community Managers

Sparkming let community managers monetize it and increase the engagement.

Community Members

Professionals will find all that they need, organized and perosonalized in only one place.

HHRR / Recruiters

Easy search of professionals into specific communities. Complete visivility over the candidate knowledge, skills and availability.


Market information and research

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